My friend Dan and I will be departing Sunday, June 29, for the town of Inuvik, in Canada’s Northwest Territories.  I’ll try to squeeze in a visit to Alaska’s Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay, as well (just an extra 2,500 miles).  We aren’t retired, we aren’t riding for a cause, we aren’t attempting to commit any acts of badassery...we just want to ride to the northernmost possible point, meet some nice people, drink some interesting beverages and return virtually unscarred with some cool stories.

We have every intention of riding our big motorbikes from San Diego all the way north and crossing back into the US near Blaine, WA, in late July. I will be riding a KTM 990 Adventure; Dan will be on his BMW R1200GS.  We plan to camp most of the time and stay in hotels when we can’t stand our own musk.

We’ve mutually agreed not to be mauled by Grizzlies if at all possible.  The bear spray we bought at REI has a “no maul” money-back guarantee, so that’s good.

We have a very flexible agenda.  There are many things we’d like to see in July, but we’re playing it by ear.  It’s 3,800 miles each way, with lots of side roads in between; we expect to ride over 10K miles. Neither of us has a particularly remarkable attention span so the possibilities are endless.  He’s bringing along a fairly nice SLR camera, and we both have small video cameras.  We will do our best to document the experience to the very best of our lackluster abilities.

Two guys on Big, Fat, Overloaded Adventure Bikes to Alaska.  Again

By John Garzon