on the way to Maine a stop in West Virginia

Hello. I am Bob McCormack, Past President of MAINE IX and on the board of Directors for the Blue Knights, Copsrun. I am Currently an Active Deputy Sheriff of Cumberland County Sheriff's Dept. Portland Maine. Sprocket was passed to me by Russ Harper our International Treasurer and a member of NY XVIII.


Hi everybody!  My name is Sprocket.  I am a member of the Blue Knights San Diego Chapter VI.  My close friend, Trak the Bear had so many tales about his two year trip from San Diego to Europe that I knew I had to do some traveling myself. I thought that I would love to see the beauty of the United Stated and Canada  On June 3, 2009 I rode with Glenn and Sue Carpenter from El Cajon to the Marriott Hotel in Ventura Beach, California to attend the Southwest Conference annual meeting. What a great bunch of fellow Blue Knights were in attendance. The Host Chapter CA XVII out did themselves with showing us all a fabulous time. On the last night of the meeting  June 6, 2009,  at the Award Banquet I was introduced to the Blue Knight who had traveled the longest distance to attend and that turned out to be the Blue Knight International Treasurer, Russ Harper from New York Chapter XVIII. I am now on the road with Russ and his wife in route  to the next Blue Knight Function and from there who knows where. I will be joining up with the next Blue Knight who has traveled the furthest to attend a meeting or activity.  RIDE WITH PRIDE!   

Sprocket's Adventures

time to roll to Ventura Beach

CA-VI Ride Buddies

Meeting Russell Harper NYXVIII

International Treasurer

Having a few Beers with Russ & Friends

a stop in W Virginia on my way to Maine

Aug. 1   Mel - Maine IX on the Trike and his friend Steve  escort the bicyclists for the Multiple Sclerosis Bike to the Breakwater.

My name is John Morin,  am the President of BK NH 1.  Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to send you these pictures of your chapters mascot (Sprocket) visiting New Hampshire.

He was very busy for the couple weeks in NH.  He visited our chapters yearly Corn Roast and also other parts of the state.  We stopped by Wiers Beach, where the Laconia Bike Week happens.  He also visited some of the animals at the Animal Rescue League of NH.  He spent time with my son having breakfast.

Sprocket’s Adventures

On November 4, 2009 our chapter received word from Sprocket that he was on the east coast and heading northbound from the great State of Maine and was now in the Province of Nova Scotia with a new friend, Bob Edwards in the town of Halifax.

Currently, there are plans being made to travel into Newfoundland maybe with Bob’s boss before turning westerly back toward California.

Attention;  Sprocket is missing!  Last whereabouts thought to be in Canada